Hugo Almeida Buarcos and Portugal Cup

The best National FootVoley is back in Figueira da Foz with the Hugo Almeida FootVoley Buarcos Cup and Portugal Cup!

On June 7th, 8th and 9th the stars of Portuguese FootVoley will be in Buarcos to compete for the title of one of the most prestigious FootVoley events! On June 7 and June 8 in the morning, the local competition, Buarcos Cup will be held, which will determine the 2 doubles for the main Portugal Cup event on 8 June and 9 June.

One might think that the show would be reserved only for the June 8th, but it will not be so. Soon on the June 7th some soccer stars with host Hugo Almeida to the head will make their appearance. There will also be names such as Pedro Nuno, Moreirense, Traquina and Reko, both from Académica, in the sports arena of Praia de Buarcos.

From the afternoon of the 8th, names such as Nelson Pereira, former National and European Champion, Pedro Salvador, former National Champion, Filipe Santos, currently No. 1 in the National Ranking and the pair João and Jorge Gamboa, will transform Hugo Almeida Portugal Cup in the epicenter of the sport in Portugal!

Many and Good Reasons for the days 7, 8 and 9 of June do not miss this fantastic event !!!

CD Bala Azul Representing Spain in Madjer Cup 2019

Madjer Cup: Hello Chiky!
It is a pleasure for the organization of the Madjer Cup to have the presence of a player as experienced as you in the event, for more as responsible for a team that will participate in the second edition of the Madjer Cup. What is your opinion on the importance of this event?

Chiky: Personally I think it’s a pioneer tournament in which young players who are starting to take an interest in this magnificent sport can enjoy competing with players from other countries and cultures.

Madjer Cup: What are your expectations for the 2nd edition of the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2019?

Chiky: Enjoy a spectacular experience with children, to develop all the work we do in our Club, in Mazarrón related with beach soccer.

Madjer Cup : What message would you like to send to all those who will join you and your team next June in Figueira?

Chiky: Enjoy a unique experience that for many of you will be the first of many.

England rrepresented by Isle of Wight Beach Soccer in Madjer Cup 2019

FBSC : Hi Luke! You and your team made history last year being one of the 1st teams participating in the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup. Tell us a bit about that experience.

Luke : 2018 was a life changing experience for our players, traveling to Portugal from England for both our u16 and u18 squads enabled them to embrace the global beach soccer way of life and be introduced to friends from around the world. Both our teams made the semi-finals, with the u16 narrowly losing by one goal and the u18’s losing on penalties for 3rd spot, we were so proud of how our team adapted to the heat and intensity of the games. Our biggest achievement was making new friends from the Americas and Europe, they now have experience the beach soccer community of friendship and sportsmanship that will stay with them like their new friends forever.


FBSC : What your expectations for the 2019 Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2nd edition?

Luke : Sadly I wont be traveling to the cup this year due to putting the national game first in England where we have a big task on our hands to grow the game across all levels, I would love to be traveling with both teams but sadly sporting growth over that weekend comes first here in England and I’ll be training the teams up over the next few months as both are side remain in the same age group as 2018 but a year older and wiser, we took away so much last year and in 2019 we will be back bigger, better and ready to compete and embrace new and existing friendships, our coaches and players are ready!

FBSC : Which message would you like to send to all those who will be joining you and your team next June in Figueira?

Luke : Beach Soccer is a sport like no other, beautiful to watch and play and Figueira is a beautiful city with beautiful people and there is no better setting like it to host such an important tournament for the next generation of elite and domestic players, I’m proud to be part of this event and look forward to supporting it for many more years to come, if you’ve not signed up yet what are you waiting for, do it today!