Dias United Representing India in Madjer Cup 2020

Madjer Cup : Hello! It is a great pleasure for Madjer Cup organization to have the first Indian Team attending the event. Can you let us know a bit more about Dias United Club?

Dias United :  A registered not for profit organization with its headquarters in Mumbai and have various branches in different states of India. It has produced many athletes who participated in International & National competitions also have represented the country. Dias United is very much involved in beach related football activities recently they won a fair play award in the national beach soccer championship which was later approved by BSWW.

They have a designated staff.

# Manager Nikita Sudaram (FIFA sports medicine & sports management certified by Newzealand University)

# Technical Director Mr. Cajetan Dias (Ex-International represented team India as a captain in Rio Olympics movememt 2016 at Brazil.)

# Director of Coach education Mr. Joseph Sidy (Ex-International 13th Asian Games & FIFA aadvance coaching course)

# Coach Mr. Nelson Sebastian (AFC C-License & AIFF Santosh Trophy Assistant Coach)

# Mr. Sanket Joijode (Player Representative & AIFF Santosh Trophy Player)

Madjer Cup : What meaning has the participation in the Madjer Cup to your players?

Dias United :  Only team to represent from India means a great thing they are very much excited above all it’s an honour for players to represent in an Official Beach Soccer International Championship as it’s a BSWW a FIFA partnered organization giving recognition. A player quoted “The beginning opportunity is very much essential as we have a lot more to learn especially from Madjer the FIFA Beach Soccer legend” As we will be making history from our country it’s a very proud moment for the entire country.

Madjer Cup : What is the current scenario for Beach Soccer in India?

Dias United :  India is a developing nation. There is a lot scope for beach soccer as it’s full of excitement & fun learning game. But we need an opportunity to grow. If given an opportunity together with support of Madjer & BSWW we can develop competition for players, coach & referee. Also have a governing organization in India with minimum 24States on board with the support of BSWW & Madjer.

Madjer Cup : We imagine that to bring a team to Portugal to attend the event involves the support and commitment from various entities. Which partners you would like to highlight, for making this participation a reality?

Dias United : The OPUS Group is the backbone as they are supporting in a financial way where as Spoedia takes care of operation & marketing. We have few other associates like Odicy, F7 Indian Federation will support in taking things to the next level. We are also in talks with Kit Manufacturers to be the Official Kit Sponsor as well.

Madjer Cup : There are any governmental organizations helping you on this project?

Dias United : As India is huge in population known as second most largest in the world. We have made an approach to the State Government of different States in India as there are 29 states and 7 Union Territories. They will reply for the same and we awaiting for their positive reply.

Madjer Cup : What your expectations about the Madjer Cup?

Dias United :  We expect tournament broadcast or live stream in terms of corporate support together with print & electronic media so that it helps us to carry forward the work of beach soccer development the year long and prepare every year in a stronger manner. Also we expect technical support so that we can build a sustainable structure for beach soccer in India.

We are very much positive for participating in the Madjer Cup 2020.