Madjer Thoughts About Madjer Cup 2020

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FBSC :  Madjer, in 2020 the 3rd edition of the Madjer Youth Cup takes place. From the first day that this idea was born until today, how do you see the evolution of this competition?

M: Firstly, we have been increasing the number of athletes as the diversification of countries in a sustained and thoughtful way!

FBSC :  Unfortunately due to your competitive commitments, you did not have the opportunity to be present in the last two editions. Still, seeing from a distance and based on what people told you, what would you highlight at this event?

M: Fair-Play without a doubt and the exchange of experiences between countries!

FBSC :  You ended your career at the last World Championship, winning the title of World Champion. Looking back, when you were 17, 18, 19 and started taking your first steps in the sport, what do you feel?

M: I feel enormous pride in being part of the history of a sport that was little recognized at the time and which is now respected! In addition, thank you for supporting beach soccer!

FBSC :  Beach Soccer is already a very consolidated sport in terms of elite, but there is still a lack of a model to follow in youth soccer, with well-defined schedules and competitions. Do you believe that this situation will continue for some time, or will we soon be able to witness the affirmation of Youth Beach Football?

M: If it depends on me, I will do everything to help in the growth of youth beach soccer.

FBSC :  Finally, what message would you like to send to young athletes who will participate in the Madjer Cup in 2020?

M: May they continue to dream and promote Fair Play which is undoubtedly the hallmark of this competition!