Madjer Cup Attracts Teams From All Over The World

Para Aceder À Versão Portuguesa Clique AQUI

Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2020 edition, to be held in next June will definitely add one more important brick in the construction of a pathway to young athletes aspiring to be the next Beach Soccer stars.

Madjer Cup started in 2017 with the Vision to provide young athletes and coaches an opportunity to become together and share their passion while competing and testing their abilities with players from all over the world.

This competition soon became a landmarkk in the World´s Beach Soccer Season Calendar, with athletes from all over the world dreaming to touch the golden sands of Figueira da Foz, one of the Beach Soccer Meccas and currently home for the Euro Beach Soccer Super League Final.

Madjer, the Beach Soccer GOAT is more and more committed to pass his passion for the game to the youth, leaving a huge legacy under his name : “I feel enormous pride in being part of the history of a sport that was little recognized at the time and which is now respected! If it depends on me, I will do everything to help in the growth of youth beach soccer.”

Right now teams from Portugal, Spain, El Salvador, India and Italy are confirmed, with many more confirmations expected in the coming weeks.

Decisive day at #FigueiraSuperFinal

Aceda à versão Portuguesa AQUI

Photo Credit Pedro Cruz

The third day of competition of the European Beach Soccer Final, played in Figueira da Foz promises many emotions and dramatic decisions!

In group 1 of the Elite Division three teams, Belarus, Russia and Spain, are in a position to guarantee access to the final, so the match between Belarus and Spain (14.15h) will be the first great moment of the day! Russia face Switzerland (16.45h), in a game that may or may not decide the Czars team will go to the final depending on the outcome of the previous game.

In group 2 all decisions are in store for the match between Portugal vs Italy, as whoever wins this game gets the passport to tomorrow’s grand final (Sunday 6 pm)

Check out the group ratings and game schedule below!