Madjer Interview

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1. Madjer, it’s a pleasure to be in conversation with you! After so many years connected to the sport, the emotion of stepping on the sand is still the same as when you were a kid?

Madjer : The emotion remains the same as always, and it feels like it’s always the first time.

2. In June this year will be Madjer Cup International Yout Beach Soccer Tournament! What are the expectations about this event?

Madjer: Expectations are undoubtedly very high, considering that it will be the first international tournament, held worldwide. And bearing in mind that there is an existing gap in the sport, the affluence is also expected and in turn success as well.

3. Being one of the greatest athletes of World Beach Soccer, and an example for all young fans of the sport, what is the feeling of laying the groundwork for creating a unique project in youth beach football?

Madjer : It is a feeling of accomplishment of a dream, and of many years of struggle for a sport that tends to grow more and more and only with this type of initiatives will help.

4. Despite the tremendous growth of Beach Soccer around the world, and of the major competitions that exist at senior level, the training at the level of beach soccer clubs seems to be still little organized and developed. Do you consider it essential for the future of the sport, the development of training in beach soccer?

A: As I mentioned, there are still many gaps and one of them is the youth and the women beach soccer development.

Having a global view of the sport, I think it is important to carry out projects in this direction, so that we can have more and more support at the level of Federations and Associations, so that Beach Soccer is no longer seen as a seasonal modality.

5. What message would you like to leave to all the young Beach Soccer fans who read this interview?

A: The message that I always leave is that they always follow your dreams, because reaching them is difficult but when they become reality they are for life.

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