Madjer Cup – Joan Cusco Interview

Versão em Português Aqui

1. Joan is a great pleasure to talk to you. After 25 years since the birth of Beach Soccer Worlwide, what does it feel like to see the sport with such great growth?

Watching the path traveled by this sport that we love so much is really very exciting. The number of players, competitions and national federations involved grows from year to year, and this is something that fills us with pride. However, it also teaches us that there is still a long way to go and that the potential of Beach Soccer is enormous. Its ability to seduce new fans is almost inexhaustible!

2. In June 2018 the first edition of the Madjer Cup – International Beach Soccer Tournament will be celebrated. What are the expectations about this event?

A competition of this kind that involves young players and enhances the formative aspect of our sport is a great new! Besides being played in one of the cradles of our sport as is Portugal, with the name of one of the greatest athletes of beach soccer ever, the expectations could not be greater.

3. How do you see the association of one of the Beach Soccer greatest players, Madjer, to this event?

As the great ambassador of Beach Soccer that is, Madjer, has a fundamental role in the promotion of Beach Soccer nationally and internationally. It is a mirror to which all players look, and this is a huge asset to our sport. Linking his name to an evolving player event is undoubtedly an excellent initiative.

4. Does Beach Soccer World Wide have a global development plan for Youth Beach Soccer?

For BSWW the development of young athletes is a priority aspect. A key page in our strategy. To this end, we work in partnership with the national federations and with FIFA for potential projects that promote the training of young talents, new coaches and the implementation of youth competitions, such as Talent Cup in Hungary,U 20 competition organized every year, included in the BSWW official calendar.

5. What message would you like to leave to all the young beach soccer fans who read this interview?

Well, I would tell them not to hesitate to go to beach soccer, they will discover an exciting discipline that will not only put them in contact with the sand and will give them new sensations, but also will help them a lot in their training , both technically and physically, helping them to grow in Beach Soccer.


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