Campos Ramiro Amarelle Participates in Madjer Cup


FBSC: Hello Ramiro! You and your team made history last year as one of the first teams to participate in the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup. Tell us a bit about this experience.

RA: Since 2013, we have been working with a beach soccer campus, in which more than 1000 children participated.

In 2018 we decided to create a continuous school ( so that the children could be in contact with the sport all the year. For us, the 2018 edition of Madjer Cup was the perfect starting point for this idea. Being able to attend this event with more than 20 children, was an unparalleled experience. Coaches and children were able to learn about the extraordinary atmosphere of beach soccer tournaments. The relationship with the rest of the participants, the organization and also the competitive level made the Madjer Cup an annual event inevitable for all of us. Our athletes were able to meet colleagues from many other places who, even though they were rivals and sportsmen, became friends during the event.

FBSC: What are your expectations for the 2nd edition of Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup in 2019?

RA: At the formative level, we focus on experiences. The tournament has been able to grow in number of teams and their diversity is a great joy because it will allow us to know other countries, other cultures, share experiences, hopes … In addition, this will result in an improvement also of the sport level with a greater number of participants. We hope that our athletes have been able to improve the technique required and that, in the tournament, can take advantage to put their knowledge into practice. We can only thank all that the Figueira da Foz, and the Madjer Cup organization do for the development of beach soccer

FBSC: What message would you like to send to all those who will join you and your team next June in Figueira?

RA: Come with the intention of enjoying a sport as beautiful as Beach Soccer, where the training aspect overcomes the competitive, without having to give up to compete at the highest level. We will enjoy great experiences and will be unforgettable days. That among all of us we can continue to grow beach soccer and contribute to the increase in the number of events in which we can continue to share good moments.