The Beach Soccer Returns Home

Aceda à Versão Portuguesa AQUI

Beach Soccer returns home !!!

After hosting the last of the 7 editions of Mundialito in Figueira da Foz in 2004, this city is once again the scene of one of the biggest Beach Soccer events in the world!

The final of the Beach Soccer European League Super Final will be held at the Praia de Buarcos Sports Zone between September 5th to 8th !!

16 countries in two divisions A and B will compete for the title of European Champion (division A) and the rise to elite division (division B).

Divion A                                                           Division B

1. Spain                                                             1. Azerbeijan

2. Portugal                                                       2. Greece

3. Italy                                                              3. Hungary

4. Belarruss                                                     4. Georgia

5. Ukraine                                                       5. Romenia

6. Russia                                                         6. Kazakhstan

7. Turkey                                                         7 . Bulgaria

8. Switzerland                                                8. Czech Republic

For 4 days the Old Continent best Beach Soccer will be played in the golden sands of Figueira da Foz, and you can not miss the fantastic moments that will live in the fantastic 2500 seat stadium set up to host this competition !!

Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal na Figueira da Foz

Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal de 5 a 8 de Setembro na Figueira da Foz

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Check below the match schedule for the competition days: