1st Edition Figueira Arena Beach Run

Figueira Arena Beach Run joined two hundreds in beach and fitness race in Figueira da Foz !!

More than two hundred people participated in the first Arena Beach Run, held last Saturday in Figueira da Foz. This was the fifth and last event of the program of the Foz Plaza Figueira Beach Games, a program promoted by the Figueirense municipality. The first edition of the Arena Beach Run, organized in partnership with the Fitness Arena Gym, featured a 7-kilometer beach run, a Fun Run of obstacles for families and various classes and fitness demonstrations (buzz, salsa, CX works, attack and yoga).

For João Ataíde, mayor of Figueira da Foz, “this was an excellent initiative, which fits into the Figueira Beach Sports City project, which, over the summer, will be adding new modalities.” “This project bets on the conditions of excellence of Figueira da Foz for the practice of beach sports, and its extensive beach guarantees the best conditions for holding an event of this nature,” said the mayor in the award speech.


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Figueira Arena Beach Run 1st Edition

Arena Beach Run mixes Beach Run and Fitness in Figueira da Foz

On the 25th, Figueira da Foz will meet the first edition of Arena Beach Run, the fifth and last event of the Foz Plaza Figueira Beach Games program.
This first edition of Arena Beach Run will feature a 7km race and walk, a Fun Run of Obstacles for families and a Fitness Zone where various classes and demonstrations will be carried out.
According to Rui Loureiro manager of the Figueira Beach Sports City project, this is an event that fits the philosophy of the project that bets on the conditions of excellence of Figueira da Foz for the practice of beach sports, and its extensive beach guarantees the best conditions for the accomplishment of an event of this nature. Paulo Simões Arena Gym Director and co-organizer of the event, assures that this is essentially a year of launching the event in which it is intended to make known this modality, which in his opinion will have a remarkable growth in the coming years.


16:00 – Check In

16h: 18.30 – Fitness – Zumba, Salsa, CX Works, Attack, Yoga

17h: 00 – 7km Race and Family Run

7:30 pm – Sunset Drink @Mercure RoofTop Awards and Prizes

More than 550 Athletes in a Great Weekend of Beach Volley

More than 550 athletes participated in the Figueira Smash Fest, in a fanstastic weekend, where beach volleyball was king! During this festival, 4 events were held simultaneously, Men’s and Women’s 2 x 2 Championships, Men’s and Women’s 2 x 2 Under-22 Championship, Men’s and Women’s 4 x 4 Tournament, and the Sub 14, Sub 16 and Sub 18  2 x 2 Youth Tournament.

It was 3 days of great excitement, in what is already an icon event in the Beach Volleyball scene!


Figueira Beach Volley Festival

Figueira da Foz hosts the Figueira Beach Volley Smash Fest on the weekend of August 3, 4 and 5, with more than 300 athletes attending the event. The program of the event includes the National Circuit of Beach Volleyball, U16 and U 18 National Beach Volleyball Circuit and the Figueira Smash Cup, event 4 x 4 with prize money of 1 000 €!

This will undoubtedly be a weekend of great entertainment and great spectacle with the best beach volleyball players in Figueira da Foz!


Figueira Beach Rugby 2018

Figueira da Foz was the scene of another fantastic edition of Figueira Beach Rugby International! 40 teams representing 8 countries, a total of more than 700 athletes, animated the Figueira Beach Arena, during two days of much Beach Rugby and Animation!

In the Men’s competition the French Les Minots won, defeating in the final the Portuguese team CDUL, while in the women’s competition the girls of Benfica defeated the strong Italian formation of Sabbie Mobilli!

Madjer Beach Soccer Cup – History Was Made

History was made with Madjer Cup Beach Soccer Cup, the first ever U16 and U18 International Beach Soccer Competition taking place in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

The competition took place on the 22, 23 and 24 of June, crowning Nazaré-based ACD O Sotão and Salvadoran side Warriors SV as champions of the Under 16 and Under-18 pools, respectively.

The Portuguese sided edged Campus Ramiro Amarelle (6-4) in the final of the youngest category, whereas the Salvadorans Warriors SV upset Italians Viareggio BS with a narrow 3-2 that got them the Cup in the Under-18 division.

In the fight for Bronze, Isle of Wight BS (ENG) and So Cal Legacy (USA) prevailed in Under-16 and Under-18

Final Standings:

Under 16

ACD Sótão (POR)

CR Amarelle B (ESP)

CR Amarelle A (ESP)

Isle of Wight Beach Soccer (ENG)

Colegio Obradoiro (ESP)

Inter Limão (POR)

AD Buarcos (POR)

GD Ereira (POR)


Individual Awards:

Top Scorer: Duarte Peixe (ACD Sotão) 18 goals

Best goalkeeper: Evandro Calvário (ACD Sotão)

Fair-play award: CR Amarelle B


Under 18

Warriors SV (SLV)

Viareggio Beach Soccer (ITA)

BS SoCal Legacy (USA)

Isle of Wight Beach Soccer (ENG)

ACD O Sótão (POR)

AD Buarcos (POR)

Academia 94 (POR)

Ramiro Amarelle Campus (ESP)


Individual Awards:

Top Scorer: Pedro Lucas (Academia 94) 15 goals

Best goalkeeper: Marcelo Ruiz (Warriors SV)

Fair-play Award: Warriors SV


Madjer Cup… Interview to Luke Kerr – Isle of Wight Beach Soccer

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1. Luke, it is a great pleasure to see Isle of Wight Beach Soccer attending the 1st Madjer Cup. What do you expect from this participation?

Luke : “We are excited to be competing with youth players from across the global beach soccer community and being part of this special event which we hope will become part of the global beach soccer calendar for many years to come so we can attend too year after year”

2. Tell us a little, about the team and the youth beach soccer approach you are undertaking in your club.

Luke : “We have been running youth events for over 10 years on the Isle of Wight a small Island off the coast of England, we have over 500 youth playing members from ages 6 to 16 and this event now gives us the opportunity see our youth players compete on a global stage, we have seen many of our young players go onto to compete for England at BSWW events across the world, coaching and developing them from ages 9 to seeing them today compete against the world’s best players and teams, youth development on the Isle of Wight is our main focus and feeding the England beach soccer national team for many years to come”

3. How do you see the impact of this tournament on the future of Youth Beach Soccer worldwide?

Luke : “It really gives those players coming from youth stages to senior an opportunity to flourish and compete with other International sides before making the transition to senior beach soccer and hopefully the BSWW leagues and cups, youth beach soccer is so important to the future of our game and this event will showcase some of the countries who have been developing the best of youth beach soccer from across the globe over the past few years.

4. Have you ever been to Figueira? What do you know about the place where the event will take place?

Luke : “Portugal is very important place to me and a country myself and my family love, I also have very good memories of the past Beach Soccer Mundialitos in Portimao where I have coached and played over 10 years ago with England and my origanl club side Sandown Sociedad, this will be my first visit to Porto and Fiueura and I’ve very excited to visit this beautiful area as like all of Portugal I’m sure it will be spectacular on the eye and a beautiful combination with beach soccer, all our players are very excited too for the trip and tournament…..”

5. Final words to all the teams attending the event…

Luke : ”My message to all the teams will be, enjoy the coastal beauty of Portugal combined with the beautiful game of beach soccer this will make for a breath taking trip for all teams, players and coaches and an experience which will last with you all forever, making new friends as I have done over the past 17 year of playing beach soccer, we are all truly blessed to be part of this beautiful game and this fantastic historic tournament too, Saúde!

Know more about this fantastic even on its official  facebook  and Web Page.

Madjer Cup – Joan Cusco Interview

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1. Joan is a great pleasure to talk to you. After 25 years since the birth of Beach Soccer Worlwide, what does it feel like to see the sport with such great growth?

Watching the path traveled by this sport that we love so much is really very exciting. The number of players, competitions and national federations involved grows from year to year, and this is something that fills us with pride. However, it also teaches us that there is still a long way to go and that the potential of Beach Soccer is enormous. Its ability to seduce new fans is almost inexhaustible!

2. In June 2018 the first edition of the Madjer Cup – International Beach Soccer Tournament will be celebrated. What are the expectations about this event?

A competition of this kind that involves young players and enhances the formative aspect of our sport is a great new! Besides being played in one of the cradles of our sport as is Portugal, with the name of one of the greatest athletes of beach soccer ever, the expectations could not be greater.

3. How do you see the association of one of the Beach Soccer greatest players, Madjer, to this event?

As the great ambassador of Beach Soccer that is, Madjer, has a fundamental role in the promotion of Beach Soccer nationally and internationally. It is a mirror to which all players look, and this is a huge asset to our sport. Linking his name to an evolving player event is undoubtedly an excellent initiative.

4. Does Beach Soccer World Wide have a global development plan for Youth Beach Soccer?

For BSWW the development of young athletes is a priority aspect. A key page in our strategy. To this end, we work in partnership with the national federations and with FIFA for potential projects that promote the training of young talents, new coaches and the implementation of youth competitions, such as Talent Cup in Hungary,U 20 competition organized every year, included in the BSWW official calendar.

5. What message would you like to leave to all the young beach soccer fans who read this interview?

Well, I would tell them not to hesitate to go to beach soccer, they will discover an exciting discipline that will not only put them in contact with the sand and will give them new sensations, but also will help them a lot in their training , both technically and physically, helping them to grow in Beach Soccer.


Know more about this fantastic event on its facebook and web official pages.

SoCal Legacy Confirmed in Madjer Cup 2018


1. Steve, SoCal Legacy is the first international team confirmed in the first edition of the Madjer Cup. What do you expect from this participation?

We are extremely excited to participate in the first annual Madjer Cup and we are looking forward to making history with the other teams there in establishing what we hope will ultimately be one of the premier youth beach soccer events in the world. The future of beach soccer, from a popularity, Olympic sport inclusion, and evolution of the sport perspective is dependent on youth players and the programs that can be developed for them. We are hoping that this event will feature the highest level of youth competition and quality of play that can be found globally and that it will also provide a platform for positive multi-cultural experiences and lifelong friendships between all the participants, founded on the shared passion for this sport. We look forward to representing Southern California and the USA at this event.

2. Flying from the United States to Portugal, concretely up to Figueira da Foz, is a great adventure. What do you know about where the tournament will take place?

The team has traveled across the US to compete in Florida and Virginia, but we have never traveled outside of the country, so this will be a great adventure and important learning experience for these young men. I have never been to Portugal, but the pictures and videos of the event site and facilities look fantastic. It is my understanding that Figueira da Foz hosts one of the largest and most renowned beach rugby tournaments in the world annually, the Figueira Beach Rugby International, as well as several other beach sporting events, so they definitely have experience in organizing large scale, beach-based competitions and Figueira appears to be the ideal location to host such a prestigious, international tournament worthy of being named after Madjer, the Portuguese beach soccer legend. I have been told that the weather is perfect for beach soccer and the sand looks good too – so we can’t wait to go. In fact, we may go a few days early so we can get used to the time zone change and to explore the city.


3. The presence of Madjer, a living legend of beach soccer, is an extra motivation for your athletes to participate in this event?

I have been coaching this team since the players were 12 years old. During those early years we watched several videos of Madjer in order to help provide a firm foundation to work from. After all these years it will be an incredible experience for the players to actually meet him in person! This will be a dream come true for the players because they have admired him ever since their earliest beach soccer experiences.

4. We know that you have been in constant contact with the local organization, what do you think about the work they are doing?

The real advantage is that you have three exceptional entities there, the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, Figueira Beach Sports City, and DoctorSport working together with a common goal of transforming Figueira da Foz into the ultimate destination location for beach sporting events. They have a proven and successful track record of organizing and hosting the Figueira Beach Rugby International, the Hugo Almeida International FootVoley Cup, the Figueira Summer Cross Games, and other Sports and Music Festivals, so I believe the Madjer Cup will be another extremely successful and exceptional event in their overall offering.

5. How do you see the impact of this tournament on the future of Youth Beach Soccer worldwide?

“It is an important step in the right direction as others provide their support of Madjer’s endorsement, such as BSWW, who are officially recognizing the event, as well as several past and present national team and professional players who are looking to participate, such as Ramiro Amarelle, the incredible Spanish player and coach, who has indicated that he will bring a team or two. There are significant opportunities here to not only sustain, but to grow the popularity of the sport exponentially by establishing some youth programs and events such as this. For example, this event, which is the closest thing we will have to a Youth Beach Soccer World Cup, will attract much interest of the younger players over the next several years and many will dream of participating in the Madjer Cup and desire the experience and excitement of international competition. The success of this event will not only influence the long-term popularity of the sport by increasing interest at the youth level, but it could help to inspire others to create similar international events in other regions as well. With the exception of Brazil, and a few other countries, youth beach soccer tournaments are typically ad-hoc events hosted by various de-centralized and regional organizers. I would like to think that the success of the Madjer Cup will help to drive a more formal structure or system and facilitate other changes that will increase opportunities for the world’s youth players.

6. Any final comments, for all those who read this interview?

This event holds much promise of being the perfect venue to unite and showcase the best youth players from around the globe, who truly represent the future professional and national team players of this exciting sport. This event is the right thing to do on a number of different levels. Beach Soccer is an incredible sport and my hope is that the Madjer Cup will be the beginning of something truly great and that is one of the many reasons why we are participating. I encourage anyone reading this to consider bringing or sponsoring a team and making huge difference in the lives of your local youth players. It is guaranteed to be an absolutely unforgettable event.

Steve Citron is the President of the Southern California Beach Soccer Club and has been the head coach of a youth beach soccer team named SoCal Legacy since 2013. Legacy is a boys U18 team with a cumulative match record of 82-9-3 and has won 16 youth tournaments, including two consecutive Major Beach Soccer (MBS) National Championships in Clearwater Beach, Florida (in 2015 and 2016), The Beach Soccer Championships (aka The USA Cup) in their hometown of Oceanside, California (in 2017), and the North American Sand Soccer Championships (NASSC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia (in 2017). He is a strong beach soccer advocate and was a founding member of the Southern California Beach Soccer Club in 2015.

Check the Madjer Cup Official Webpage !

Chat with Mario Narciso Portuguese National Coach

The Figueira Beach Sports City Project took advantage of the National Beach Soccer Team in Figueira da Foz on 7th, 8th and 9th December, to speak with National Coach Mário Narciso on topics such the sports grass roots development, the National Team renovation, and the role of Figueira da Foz in this context.

Five years ago, at the helm of the National Beach Soccer Team and with a world and European title under his leadership, Mário Narciso considered that the National Beach Soccer Team training camp, held in Figueira da Foz, reached the proposed goals , which went through the observation of athletes identified in the national championship, as possible options for a renewal in the National Team that according to it, happens naturally.

When questioned about helding this stage in December, Mário Narciso recalls that since he is at the forefront of the National Team, it is customary to hold winter training camps in order to keep athletes active and Beach Soccer alive. Narciso also considers very important the grass roots development of the sport, that according to the Selector still has a great way to do, stating that he would like to see more clubs to form athletes of Beach Soccer.

When asked about the choice of Figueira da Foz as the location for this stage, Mário Narciso, praised the support given by the municipality through the Figueira Beach Sports City project, demonstrating his interest in the project and demonstrating his availability in collaboration in future activities.

Photos by Pedro Cruz (top) and Desporto Entre Linhas (Bottom)