Madjer Cup Attracts Teams From All Over The World

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Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2020 edition, to be held in next June will definitely add one more important brick in the construction of a pathway to young athletes aspiring to be the next Beach Soccer stars.

Madjer Cup started in 2017 with the Vision to provide young athletes and coaches an opportunity to become together and share their passion while competing and testing their abilities with players from all over the world.

This competition soon became a landmarkk in the World´s Beach Soccer Season Calendar, with athletes from all over the world dreaming to touch the golden sands of Figueira da Foz, one of the Beach Soccer Meccas and currently home for the Euro Beach Soccer Super League Final.

Madjer, the Beach Soccer GOAT is more and more committed to pass his passion for the game to the youth, leaving a huge legacy under his name : “I feel enormous pride in being part of the history of a sport that was little recognized at the time and which is now respected! If it depends on me, I will do everything to help in the growth of youth beach soccer.”

Right now teams from Portugal, Spain, El Salvador, India and Italy are confirmed, with many more confirmations expected in the coming weeks.

CD Bala Azul Representing Spain in Madjer Cup 2019

Madjer Cup: Hello Chiky!
It is a pleasure for the organization of the Madjer Cup to have the presence of a player as experienced as you in the event, for more as responsible for a team that will participate in the second edition of the Madjer Cup. What is your opinion on the importance of this event?

Chiky: Personally I think it’s a pioneer tournament in which young players who are starting to take an interest in this magnificent sport can enjoy competing with players from other countries and cultures.

Madjer Cup: What are your expectations for the 2nd edition of the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2019?

Chiky: Enjoy a spectacular experience with children, to develop all the work we do in our Club, in Mazarrón related with beach soccer.

Madjer Cup : What message would you like to send to all those who will join you and your team next June in Figueira?

Chiky: Enjoy a unique experience that for many of you will be the first of many.

Madjer Thoughts on Madjer Cup 2nd Edition

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1. Madjer, after the 1st edition of Madjer Cup what are the expectations for the 2nd edition?

M: Given the tremendous success of the first edition and the feedback from everyone involved, we have set the bar higher and I hope that this second edition will be even bigger, with more teams and more media exposure!

2. In 2018 due to changes in the international competitive calendar, you could not be physically present at the event, even so what idea did you have of the 1st edition of Madjer Cup?

M: I got the idea that, that due the commitment and help of all involved , we achieved not only our main goal, that was mainly to create a competition where there is a global gap training), but also we have been able to stimulate and promote the sport, but above all FairPlay among teams from all over the world!

3. What vision do you have about the development of youth beach soccer worldwide?

M: As I mentioned earlier, there is a very large gap in training, but grateful to be able to help plug that gap!

4. What do you think Madjer Cup’s role in the future of Youth Beach Soccer is?

M: I have no doubt that we will be the tournament of excellence of youth beach soccer and above all we will create bases for the development of athletes and staff.

5. What messages would you like to send to all young people who dream of becoming the next Madjer?

M: Just like I once dreamed of being a soccer player … never give up on your dreams, whatever they may be! And at Madjer Youth Cup we want to give you the opportunity to one day fulfill your dream in beach soccer!

Know more about the event in the official website and facebook.

Iran Beach Soccer National Team – Training Camp

The Iranian Beach Soccer Team selected Figueira da Foz for their preparation stage for the Intercontinental Cup to be held next November in Dubai.

In all, there are 18 elements, among players (12) and technical team, who found in Figueira da Foz “the ideal conditions” to determine the physical form, strategy and tactics of play and, of course, the team spirit. Until Sunday, the beach of Buarcos Beach is the ‘home’ of the Iranian beach soccer team.

“I already knew the city, from when I worked with the Portuguese National Team,” explains the Brazilian national team coach, Marco Octavio de Cerqueira. “I recently learned that more conditions were being created in Figueira da Foz for beach sports, and that here it was possible to find everything that my players needed, both at the level of friendly teams to practice the sport at their most European school, such as infrastructure, “he adds. «Six years ago Iran was 32nd in the world ranking, and today it is the 3rd, in a ranking in which Portugal is the second», smiles. “Good training conditions, good weather, wonderful food, great welcome … we hope to return many times”, he concludes.

The same positive opinion has the player Peyman Hosseini, the 2017 world´s best goalkeeper and still in the dispute to revalidate the title. “Everything very good, from the quality of the sand to the weather … we feel very happy and fortunate and we hope to leave here well prepared for the challenges that still await us this year,” he said. “The food is also very good and the people very friendly,” he added adding that he praised “the quality of Portuguese beach soccer”, which will be put to the test in three friendly matches to be held in a day and time to announce soon .

After the Portuguese and Polish National Teams, the Iranian National Team training camp, planned and supported by the Municipal Project, Figueira Beach Sports City, consolidates the positioning of Figueira da Foz as a leading destination to host Beach Sports events.

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