CD Bala Azul Representing Spain in Madjer Cup 2019

Madjer Cup: Hello Chiky!
It is a pleasure for the organization of the Madjer Cup to have the presence of a player as experienced as you in the event, for more as responsible for a team that will participate in the second edition of the Madjer Cup. What is your opinion on the importance of this event?

Chiky: Personally I think it’s a pioneer tournament in which young players who are starting to take an interest in this magnificent sport can enjoy competing with players from other countries and cultures.

Madjer Cup: What are your expectations for the 2nd edition of the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2019?

Chiky: Enjoy a spectacular experience with children, to develop all the work we do in our Club, in Mazarrón related with beach soccer.

Madjer Cup : What message would you like to send to all those who will join you and your team next June in Figueira?

Chiky: Enjoy a unique experience that for many of you will be the first of many.

England rrepresented by Isle of Wight Beach Soccer in Madjer Cup 2019

FBSC : Hi Luke! You and your team made history last year being one of the 1st teams participating in the Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup. Tell us a bit about that experience.

Luke : 2018 was a life changing experience for our players, traveling to Portugal from England for both our u16 and u18 squads enabled them to embrace the global beach soccer way of life and be introduced to friends from around the world. Both our teams made the semi-finals, with the u16 narrowly losing by one goal and the u18’s losing on penalties for 3rd spot, we were so proud of how our team adapted to the heat and intensity of the games. Our biggest achievement was making new friends from the Americas and Europe, they now have experience the beach soccer community of friendship and sportsmanship that will stay with them like their new friends forever.


FBSC : What your expectations for the 2019 Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup 2nd edition?

Luke : Sadly I wont be traveling to the cup this year due to putting the national game first in England where we have a big task on our hands to grow the game across all levels, I would love to be traveling with both teams but sadly sporting growth over that weekend comes first here in England and I’ll be training the teams up over the next few months as both are side remain in the same age group as 2018 but a year older and wiser, we took away so much last year and in 2019 we will be back bigger, better and ready to compete and embrace new and existing friendships, our coaches and players are ready!

FBSC : Which message would you like to send to all those who will be joining you and your team next June in Figueira?

Luke : Beach Soccer is a sport like no other, beautiful to watch and play and Figueira is a beautiful city with beautiful people and there is no better setting like it to host such an important tournament for the next generation of elite and domestic players, I’m proud to be part of this event and look forward to supporting it for many more years to come, if you’ve not signed up yet what are you waiting for, do it today!

Euro Beach Soccer League SuperFinal

Figueira da Foz stage of the European Beach Soccer League Super Final

The agreement for the final stage of the 2019 and 2020 Euro Beach Soccer League was signed late this morning, April 11, involving the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, Pro Beach Soccer S.L and Cofina SA

The event will always take place in the first week of September, bringing to the city of Figueira da Foz and to its iconic beach, eight national men’s teams of the European division and eight of division B, in a competition of very high competitiveness and professionalism.

The signing of this agreement ensures the long-awaited return of a competition that enshrines the sport, in the form of Beach Soccer, which has been winning consecutively a growing number of athletes and fans.




Hugo Almeida Talks About The Hugo Almeida FootVoley Series

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The name of Hugo Almeida is engraved in some of the most beautiful pages of national and international football, with 9 titles won in 5 Countries at the service of the clubs he represented, he also wore the jersey of the national team for 57 occasions, scoring 19 goals. What many may not know is that Hugo Almeida is passionate about Foot, being one of the people who most contribute to the development of the sport in Portugal.

Figueira Beach Sports City, met Hugo Almeida to learn more about his relationship with Footvoley, retreating to the past to outline the future of this relationship with FootVoley.

This enormous passion, Hugo explains to us, was born as a child along with his childhood friends playing in the sand of his beloved beach of Buarcos in Figueira da Foz. It was at the age of 13 that Hugo remembers to take the first steps in this modality, keeping is still a practicing assiduous. After the sporting seasons of the many clubs that Hugo represented, from Turkey to Germany, through Greece, Italy, Russia and Croatia, the destination was always the FootVoley nets of the Beach of Buarcos.

Asked about the importance or influence of Futevolei practice in his evolution as a soccer player, Hugo says that although there is no direct relationship between the modalities, FuteVolei allowed him mainly to find a way to maintain physical condition during the summer, since it is an extremely physically demanding modality, while allowing training in the ability to jump and put the ball.

Through the many clubs he went through, Hugo always found teammates who with him shared his passion for FootVoley, especially the South Americans, especially the Brazilians, since that was where the sport was born. Despite this, the highlight for the players who have scored the most and influenced him are the living legends of Portuguese FootVoley, Gamboa, Nélson, Salvador and Miguel Pinheiro.

From the passion as a practitioner to the desire to organize events and contribute to the evolution of the modality, was a small step. The Hugo Almeida FootVoley Tournament will meet in its 8th edition in 2019, and this year will mark a new stage for this organization, with 3 tournaments called Hugo Almeida FootVoley Series. Hugo explained that as a result of the evolution in the quality of the doubles present in the last editions of the tournaments, the local community of players , was losing a little space and time of competitive practice, reason why this year will be organized a local tournament,  with the best doubles to be selected to the national tournament to be held on 9 and 10 June, bringing together the 16 best national doubles. But the news does not stop here. In 2019 will be held for the first time an international tournament with the presence of the 15 best European teams.

The growth and evolution of the tournaments is something that Hugo is very proud of, since it is all organized based on the great passion that the community of Buarcos has by modality. According to him, there is not much room left to evolve in terms of organization and infrastructure, since the great support of Figueira da Foz’s Town Hall, especially since the beginning of the Figueira Beach Sports City project allows today in Buarcos and Figueira da Foz there is an event at the level of what is best done around the world! So the big bet will be on the dissemination of the event and the destination, in the sense of attracting more and more people, not only for the modality but also for the City!

Madjer Thoughts on Madjer Cup 2nd Edition

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1. Madjer, after the 1st edition of Madjer Cup what are the expectations for the 2nd edition?

M: Given the tremendous success of the first edition and the feedback from everyone involved, we have set the bar higher and I hope that this second edition will be even bigger, with more teams and more media exposure!

2. In 2018 due to changes in the international competitive calendar, you could not be physically present at the event, even so what idea did you have of the 1st edition of Madjer Cup?

M: I got the idea that, that due the commitment and help of all involved , we achieved not only our main goal, that was mainly to create a competition where there is a global gap training), but also we have been able to stimulate and promote the sport, but above all FairPlay among teams from all over the world!

3. What vision do you have about the development of youth beach soccer worldwide?

M: As I mentioned earlier, there is a very large gap in training, but grateful to be able to help plug that gap!

4. What do you think Madjer Cup’s role in the future of Youth Beach Soccer is?

M: I have no doubt that we will be the tournament of excellence of youth beach soccer and above all we will create bases for the development of athletes and staff.

5. What messages would you like to send to all young people who dream of becoming the next Madjer?

M: Just like I once dreamed of being a soccer player … never give up on your dreams, whatever they may be! And at Madjer Youth Cup we want to give you the opportunity to one day fulfill your dream in beach soccer!

Know more about the event in the official website and facebook.

EBRA Master Final Cup 2019


In 2019 Figueira Beach Rugby celebrates 10 years and we will celebrate it BIG !!

To begin and mark this 10 years of #BeachRugbyMadness, the event will receive the first edition of the EBRA Master Final Cup. This new competition created by the European Association of Beach Rugby, will have the best 12 teams of men and 8 Women selected on the basis in his performance of the previous season.


There will be direct access to this new competition in 2019 by the EBRA Seires Champions, winners of the EBRA Circuit tournaments and champions of the National Circuits of Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal of 2018. In the case of the withdrawals of teams with direct access, wildcards will be awarded.

This new competition does not collide with the normal competition of the EBRA Series, which means that in 2019 in Figueira da Foz we will have emotion to double !!!!

We will soon announce the 2019 event schedule !!!

Stay tuned !!

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